Gatumbi Adventist school is a faith-based school where the school upholds the four aspects of human growth: spiritual, mental, social and physical. In this regard we have in place a professional counselor as well as chaplain. Gatumbi Adventist Schools consist of a pre-school, primary  and secondary school. The school started in 1950  as a primary school and it has been going on until 2013 when a secondary school started and the two has been running concurrently.

The school is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church and it is serving both Adventist and non-Adventist learners, in other words, it is open to all students who are willing to join the school.

As far as spiritual matters are concerned the school is doing very well; at least every year the school has been baptizing quite a number of students and pupils. All those who come to learn get to know what is right as far as religion and spiritual matter are concerned.

Gatumbi SDA Schools are among the best schools in the entire Kirinyaaga County and Kenya at large.

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